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How To Type New Rupee Symboll Through Your Keyboard

Written By Priyabrata Das on Wednesday, 15 February 2012 | 20:44

Hey, do you know that you can type new Rupee symboll through your keyboard??? Yes, you can do that. Nothing is impossible. No special category of keyboard is required. You can do it with your conventional keyboard. Follow the process.

Processes are....

1. Click on the  following link and install it in your computer.

RUPEE Symbol

2. Go to 'Controll Panel'  and open  the 'Fonts'.

3. Now copy the installed file and paste it in Fonts'.

4. Click on 'Start' menu,go in the 'Control Panel' and click 'Regional Language Options'.

5. Then click on 'Customize' option.

6. Click on 'Currency' tab and type ' ` ' symbol in the 'Currency Symbol' box which you can find in your keyboard.After that click 'ok'.  See the following images.

You have completed add Rupee symbol in your computer.But how can you type it in Microsoft Office such as Microsoft word etc??
Well, I will tell you the process for Microsoft Word pages.Same instruction is for rest of  Microsoft Office suits.

1. Open Microsoft Word and change the font face to 'RUPEE FORADIAN'.

2. Now type ' ` ' and you can find  Rupee symbol in  microsoft word page finally.

So, try it now.
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