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India is going to get the taste of 4G soon

Written By Priyabrata Das on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 | 12:41

Recent technological world got the touch of 4G and it is seemed that this decade will belong to mobile broadband and the key will be 4G. But most of are not familiar with this technology and they don’t know even what  4G technology is. I am giving a brief explanation about 4G here.

What is 4G?

4G technology is the fourth generation technology of wireless communications system after 2G and 3G.  It is the extension  of 3G technology giving more facilities and bandwidth. Different people describe definition of 4G technology  in different way. None can explain its actual definition. Its network ride on a technology  Long Term Evolution (LTE) Advanced which is a standard for wireless transmission that enables data to be relayed more efficiently over the spectrums. Not only that it enables data transmission at lightning speed and also eliminates even minor lags in transmission which is called latency.

But you may think that was not some hype for 3G about a year ago? Yes, it was. 3G was supposed to bring a revolution your handset. 3G was about being on line all the time, watching television on go, video conferencing and much more. The 2G era of fering voice and some basic browsing, was passed. The theoretical  speed  of 4G is from 100mbps to 1gbps. But actual speed in wireless technology could be far less than that depending on the three things which are  1) interference level like buildings, trees etc, 2) the number of people logged in to a network and 3) the user’s distance from the base station. For these cautions the original speed of 4G could be one fourth or one fifth what it is touted to be.It is expected that 80% of the estimated 5 billion worldwide subscribers by 2016 will be on mobile broadband and a majority will be on LTE or earlier high speed packet access.

What 4G offers you?

It is a billion dollar question that what I will get from 4G. Well, you can play interactive online games, watch and download movies, download and upload High-Definition (HD) videos in real time, watch HD television, conduct HD video-conferences on any mobile devices. In some countries, using LTE  virtual classrooms are being conducted through high definition video conferencing to reach out to the students in far-flung areas.

Difference between 3G and 4G:

There are various differences between 3G and 4G. But I am citing here about their speed and latency which helps you determine their comparisons before using. Actually, 4G is faster and more reliable though there are some resembles are between them. But in case of speed the difference is being noticed. The speeds for 4G range between 100 mbps and 1gbps. The actual speed could be lower. Latency is down to 10-15 milliseconds. But in 3G, theoretical speed ranges between 384 kbps and 5mbps which is far less than 4G undoubtedly. The latency is 45-100 milliseconds.

Who will offer 4G?

In future BSNL, Reliance Industries, Aircel, Tikona Digital Networks, Airtel, MTNL and Augere Wireless Broadband India will offer 4G wireless technology in India. But the residents of Bhopal and Indore in Madhya Pradesh and Raipur in Chhattisgarh will be the first to take the taste the high speed internet on the move. Augere Wireless Broadband India which is an Internet Service Provider(ISP) takes a plan to launch their 4G service named Zoosh in these two states this May. To get this service you need a 4G or LTE dongle, customer premise equipment, a smartphone or tablet.

So, you may think that is it going to bid goodbye 3G, give a welcome 4G? It is too early to predict, but India’s late entry into 3G arena has meant that 3G and 4G have come back to back here. There was a gap of time period of atleast five years in other countries giving 3G to take off. That could mean that customers who were not satisfied with 3G may switch to 4G without giving 3G any chance to prove itself. Now how would be the 4G service no one know, we have to wait for sometimes to get the answer.

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