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HTC Evo Smartphone features and price

Written By Priyabrata Das on Friday, 1 June 2012 | 16:23

Now a days, we become so wonders seeing the hype of 3D around. According to me, apart from the movie, consumers aren’t exactly biting the 3D bait. So, when HTC launched their first glasses –free 3D phone- EVO 3D, a part of me bulked at the idea. How then the does the Evo 3D fare, and does adding the gloss of 3D cool to the imaging and gaming department really work? Let’s find out here.

If we consider it  from the specifications, we see that the device is packed to the gills with all the bells and whistles including the latest Android Gingerbread OS, a  massive 4.3 inch screen running an impressive 960x540 pixel resolution. This smartphone comes up with 1GB internal storage capacity, 1GB RAM and is run on 1.2 GHz dual core processor. Pity that  the third dimension the phone adds to its specifications list shows on its waistline as well. The Evo 3D is darn good 2D phone and the display is sharp. The sense user interface common to HTC phones is a pleasure to use as always.  Of course, the headline features are the two 5-megapixel cameras Auto focus and dual LED flash around the back of this smartphone which combined with the auto-stereoscopic  screen produces an image for each of your eyes and if you get an angle just right, show you glorious 3D without those nerdy glasses.

Much like the Nintendo 3DS, the viewing angle to see the 3D affect pop out at you is rather slim. Also rule of thumb while shooting, the farther away from the subjects you are shooting, the better the image will turn out. Having a variety of subjects in both foreground and background helps as well.  Don’t you like to see HD videos in your small screened phone? Then HTC Evo 3D phone offers you to stream videos  to your big screen TV via DLNA and you able to share comfortably to the bigger audiences. It gives you the opportunity to watch on-demand Hollywood movies across multiple HTC devices. Also HTC Evo 3D smartphone gives you the  ‘Zero-wait, zero-cost maps’ facility. Don’t understand? Well, with help of this facility, you can  able to download maps to your phone for instant loading and you are not charged no data roaming when you’re traveling. Now the screen employs the ‘Paralax barrier’ method to achieve 3D, the 3D effect flickers in and out as you move your head which makes it at times disconcerting and downright nauseating at other times. Thankfully, there is a switch to turn 3D off but I’d much have preferred a slider to adjust the 3D-ness. So, performance is zippy in all cases as I see, though I do lament that the poor battery life which gives you 450 minutes talk time.

Price: Rs. 35000. This 3D smartphone is little bit of pricey  and so there are many options you can concider if you are not hankering for 3D.
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