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Mujjo Next Generation Touchscreen Gloves Specifications and prices

Written By Priyabrata Das on Sunday, 20 May 2012 | 12:53

Imagine you have made a tour with your family in Switzerland in winter, but you can’t check your smartphone for calls , message or to open a weather application to know just how cold it is due to too cold in the outside since most of the touch-screen displays work properly on the conductive property of users fingers. Then what should you do at this moment? Well, I have a smart solution for you. You can use Mujjo Next Generation Touch-screen Gloves. I am sure you are thinking that what type of solution it is.  These gloves aren’t a ordinary type of gloves, they are made of silver-coated nylon fibres knitted into the entire fabric of the glove.

These fibres made the gloves conductive and the fibres are stretchable to fit in different size of hands. Mujjo’s hand gloves are compatible with all capacitive touch-screen devices including Blackberry, HTC, iPhone or any type of touch-screen phones you are using, even they work in iPad devices also. Regular touch screen gloves are restricted to one or two fingertips, but Mujjo touch-screen gloves gives you to use all your ten fingertips, even your palm and heel of your hands.

So why take any trouble during your foreign tour. Mujjo Next Generation Touchscreen Gloves doubles your enjoyment.
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